Our goal is to marry Fiat and
Crypto Currency by providing seamless payments

Our Mission

Empowering communities to be financially independent through digital assets.

Our Vision

Pioneering the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

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Refer others and earn massively from this life changing opportunity..

Utility Token

BITSEC is a utility token. It’s designed to bridge the gap between Fiat and cryptocurrency.

Who we are

Imagine a world where the economic system is designed to empower everyone. A world where people pull together to emancipate themselves from poverty through a set of common rules that is impossible to break or infiltrate by anyone, wouldn’t the world be a much better, safer and fairer place? Where everyone is given an equal chance to achieve financial stability. If that’s your dream, then your dream has come true

Have you ever wished to be taken back to 2010, when Bitcoin was trading at less than 0.1$? Have you at least imagined how you could have acquired some reasonable amount of this life changing digital asset for you and your family? Crypto Expert Group (CEG) pseudo name Satoshi Junior have come up with a solution which you can't afford to miss out. Introducing the 2nd Phase of Bitcoin, Bitsec, with a fully fledged supporting ecosystem to achieve equity and a fairer distribution of wealth.

After thorough research and consultations, Crypto Expert Group (CEG) together with Crypto Heavy Lifters (CHL) , have come up with Bitcoin 2.0 developed on the robust Binance Smart chain technology. The Ecosystem has 4 components meant to bolster each other • 1. Bitsec- the coin • 2. A decentralised exchange where Bitsec will be the governance Token • 3. A crowd funding platform known as cryptogifting.live that is designed to empower communities all over the world through Gifting and Cryptocurrency • 4. Staking platform- www.bitsecgoldstaking.com

Opportunity with
Bitsec XXX

BITSEC3X is a platform designed to empower everyone who wants to change their financial future forever. This is an opportunity like no other in DeFi and crypto economy. Buy a staking package and triple your investment. Earnings of 1% to 2% accrue daily and can be withdrawn anyday, anytime. Refer others and earn massively from this life changing opportunity.

BITSEC is a utility token.

BITSEC is a utility token. It’s designed to bridge the gap between Fiat and cryptocurrency. BITSEC meets the following needs in the real world

1. Incentivise liquidity provision on https://bitswap.finance/

2. Payment method for mobile recharge, Data and utility bills (Electricity, pay TV, water etc) in more than 190 countries worldwide in partnership with more than 600 technology companies.

3. Shopping in selected retail outlets worldwide

4. Payment method for one of the largest digital platforms, selling games, NFTs and software including but not limited to operating systems, database software and anti-viruses from Europe and North America.

5. Pay for insurance and Amazon Gift cards used for shopping on Amazon

6. Payment method for leading betting companies worldwide.

Our Team

Mikhail Yakim
Ivan Yaroslav
Claus Stefan
John Amstrong
Data Science & Tokenomic



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